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(This picture was taken at the top of Round Top Mountain in the Salmo-Priest Wilderness.) nourish - provide with food or other substances necessary for growth, health and good condition The day was perfect for a late summer hike. Not a cloud in the sky. Vast, sweeping views. The summer wildflowers were all spent.  The fireweed was abundant and releasing its fluffy white seeds.  Every time we would brush by them we would stir up a swirling, white cloud.   I had been struggling with a migraine for a few days prior.  But I had been wanting to do this specific hike for over a year so I was determined it was going to happen.  As we started the hike I was pretty nauseous.  We started out slowly, drinking lots of water, taking our time, and enjoying the views.  I gathered spruce tips for making tea when we reached the top.  By the time we reached the bottom of Round Top the nausea was starting to subside and the pain on the right side of my head and neck was easing.  There were no switchbacks

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